Here's how it works - Setting up a Mission Call Guessing Game

Are you or is someone that you know waiting for a mission call to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  

The Mission Call app and website can help you have a lot of fun while you are waiting.  

Download the app from the iOS App Store, or go to the  website to get started.

Start by creating a new Game

  • Enter the name of the missionary
  • Give the game a description.  Here are some ideas:
    • John/Jill is so excited to serve a mission.  He/She hopes to receive his mission call in about 2 weeks, so get your guesses in quickly!
    • Everyone can have 2 guesses.  Pick one location within the United States and one somewhere else in the world.
  • Press the "Start Game" button!

Now send out the game link to all of your friends and family

This is the most important step.  You want to get the word out to everyone that you'd like to have place guesses on where you might be serving.  We've tried to make this easy by providing you with easy ways to send out your own personalized game link through your favorite instant messaging app, through email, or through your social media channels.

  • Tap on the share icon from the app 
  • or Tap on the share button from the website

  • Send the link to all of your friends and family!

Placing Guesses and Exploring the Missions

Now that you've started the game and sent out the game link, your friends and family will start placing their guesses.  Here's how that works.
  • Tap on the game link to place a guess and explore
    • The App Clip - if you send the app link through the iOS Messages app, or someone taps on the link on their iOS device, they will have the opportunity to use an App Clip.  This is a rich app-like experience that doesn't require them to go to download the app.

    • The Website - if you are on an Android device, or on your desktop computer, tapping on the link will take you to the the website to place your guess

  • Explore the missions
If you are using the iOS App or the App Clip you can explore the map, look at mission boundaries, learn about the regions and languages, etc.  If you are using the website, just skip this step.


  • Place your guess
    • First pick a mission
    • Next pick a language

  • Look at everyone else' guesses
Now that you've placed your guess, sit back, explore, and enjoy looking at what everyone is guessing.  Good Luck!